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About Floyd

Affordable Therapy

We hold several traumas deep within our subconscious mind, from both childhood and adulthood. These buried traumas can create unwanted behaviours that may have lasted for years, or, that have ‘sprung up’, seemingly out of nowhere. Certain events or situations can act as a trigger for these traumas to resurface, for example: the pandemic, or the bereavement or breakdown of a relationship - leading to feelings of depression and severe anxiety.


Understanding how certain dynamics from the past can create negative tendencies and subconscious thought patterns, is one of the keys to changing these foundations. Hypnotherapy allows access to the subconscious mind, where hypnotic suggestion can be used to change how the subconscious holds onto, and stores these traumas, thus eliminating unwanted behaviours and feelings. 

During my sessions, I use talking therapy, meditation, mindfulness, psychotherapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy. These techniques can be particularly helpful in dealing with anxiety, stress, depression and addiction.

Affordable Therapy

Eliminate limiting beliefs

In attaining my qualifications, I created a profound new treatment; simultaneously combining hypnotic suggestion and massage therapy. 

Providing my Hypnomassage treatment to several clients over many years, has given me experience and expertise in performing hypnotherapy interventions outside of the usual face-to-face setting.


I can confidently say that an online Hypnotherapy session with me is equal, in every way, and provides all the benefits of a face-to-face appointment.


I have been a  Therapist on the Harley Therapy Platform since April 2021, my accumulation of exceptional reviews has grown my profile, I am now identified as one of the few recommended therapists on the platform and I have had over 3000 verified sessions.

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