By entering into therapy with one of our counsellors, you agree to the following “Terms and Conditions”


Everything you discuss with your therapist is confidential. The only exceptions are child protection issues, or if your therapist believes there is a risk of harm either to yourself or someone else.


Sessions last 50 minutes.


Sessions are normally weekly to begin with.


You have agreed the cost of each session with the therapist


If you must cancel a session, please give 24 hours notice or you will be charged a £10 fee for the missed session (which covers the cost of the room).


If you need to speak to someone between sessions, please call the Samaritans on 0845 790 9090. Also, there is always an on-call psychiatrist at your local A+E.


You will be set things to do between sessions. Please do them! The research shows that those who do these assignments recover quicker than those who don't.


People often feel worse before they feel better. This is normal. However, if things get too painful, please let your therapist know and you can always try something different.


At some point in therapy your therapist may upset you. This is not on purpose! If it does happen, please say, so your therapist can apologise. The relationship between the client and counsellor is central to the therapeutic process. Without a good working relationship, therapy becomes difficult. In the unlikely event that you feel the need to make a formal complaint, please see our Complaints Procedure


Please have a notepad to hand during the sessions.


Feel free to ask questions


Please come with your own agenda. If you cannot think of anything to talk about, your therapist will be happy to take the lead, but the sessions belong to you. Ask yourself, “what needs to happen in therapy today to make it worth coming?”





Complaints procedure

Here at Affordable Therapy we aim to provide a professional service for all our clients. However, we also accept that, from time to time, things can go wrong. For this reason, we have outlined the procedure you should follow if you have any complaints about your therapist or the service they have provided.

It is important that you understand that you do have a right to complain. It is also important to understand that by paying for therapy you have entered into a contract with your particular therapist (rather than with Affordable Therapy) and they have the duty and responsibility to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.  You can read the Code of Ethics here.  If you have any cause for concern you can contact them directly.

If you believe their conduct is inappropriate or unprofessional, your first resort should be to discuss the matter with your therapist. We appreciate that we often deal with extremely vulnerable people, and sometimes confronting the therapist regarding his/her behaviour may feel beyond your capabilities at this time. However, if it is at all possible, it is best to deal with your therapist directly in the first instance.

If you do not receive a satisfactory conclusion to your complaint, all our therapists belong to the BACP or one of the other governing bodies. These bodies have their own complaints procedure and a phone call to their helpline will provide you with useful advice and show you a way forward. The number you need to call will be on their website. If you do not know the professional body to which your therapist belongs, they are obliged to inform you. However, again, if you do not feel free to ask, please contact Peter Wyatt personally on 0781 497 9992 or by email

As I said at the beginning, our aim is to provide a professional service to all our clients. These procedures are in place "just in case" and our desire is that they should never be needed.


(How many of the following do you believe in your gut?)

I am allowed to ask for what I want

I am allowed to say “No” to requests or demands I can’t meet

I am allowed to express all of my feelings both positive and negative

I am allowed to change my mind

I am allowed to make mistakes and NOT be perfect

I am allowed to follow my own values and standards

I am allowed to say “No” to anything if I feel I’m not ready, it’s unsafe or it violates my values

I am allowed to determine my own priorities

I am allowed NOT to be responsible for other people - their behaviour, actions, feelings or problems

I am allowed to expect honesty from others

I am allowed to be angry at someone I love

I am allowed to be uniquely myself

I am allowed to feel scared and say “I’m afraid”

I am allowed to say “I don’t know“

I am allowed NOT to give excuses or reasons for my behaviour

I am allowed to make decisions based on my feelings

I am allowed my own needs for personal space and time

I am allowed to be playful and frivolous

I am allowed to be healthier than those around me

I am allowed to be in a non-abusive environment

I am allowed to have friends and be comfortable around people

I am allowed to change and grow

I am allowed to have my needs and wants respected by others

I am allowed to be treated with dignity and respect

I am allowed to be happy






Not technically downloads, more "copy and paste", but this is where you'll find all the things you may need to keep for future reference: things like our contract, our complaints procedure and some of the "handouts" we make reference to in our youtube videos. If we were sitting face-to-face, you'd go home with a pile of papers.

Be kind to the environment: only print these out if you need to.


  • Contract

  • Complaints procedure

  • "I could...but..." list of internal permissions




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